Monday, August 9, 2010

The reason for our vacation.

These two lovely people tied the knot.

This is thier engagment photo-it's the only good pic I have of both of them together

The Bride:

The newly announced Mr. and Mrs. Tufts:

A few (very few..should've taken more) photos from the party:
We hadn't seen him in a long time! Isn't he cute? (My nephew)

The 2nd best part about the day was putting Javen in a bow tie. I was way more excited about it than I probably should have been! (this pic is only to show you the bowtie...I look horrible)


Aubrey Jane said...

You don't look horrible, you look great. Your sister made a gorgeous bride and Javin's bow tie is awesome!

Tyler and Megan said...

Kaite looks gorgeous and so happy! I am glad she found someone awesome. I miss you and Jason and Javen like crazy! But glad to see you had fun. Javen looks edible in that little bow tie!

todd and erin said...

What is it about bow ties on little guys that is so cute?! Looks like a great wedding!