Tuesday, January 20, 2009

i have missed you.....

This was at 9am this morning......I felt like a kid I was so excited

and this was at 1:00 pm today....maybe next year

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas Vacation

Well, I was a little overwhelmed when I got thinking about all of the pictures I could post and things I could write about our Christmas vacation...so...I was very pleased with myself when I came up with this brilliant idea. Okay, it's not that brilliant, but I liked it.

Our top 10 things we did over Christmas Vacation:

10. I finally was able to read a novel after not being in school! Whoo-hoo! My choice...Twilight of course...and I'm only 1/2 way through the 2nd book...so no giving anything away...Megan and Caitlin!

9. Not having to cook=not having to clean up=happy me :)

8. sleeping in..some days

7. Finally getting to eat my favorite Nielsen's ice cream! There is nothing better

6. Being able to take pictures of such a beautiful place...Hawaii! I didn't get hardly any of Utah. Which I am sad about now...and sorry Memphis...it just doesn't cut it for beautiful.

5. Mountains! Breathtaking. I forgot to get the one's of Utah.... :(
4. This one I didn't get pics of either..I'm very disappointed in myself, but we went skiing at snowbasin with my Dad and loved it! ( I only fell twice as a result of tripping myself with my ski poles! ) I am improving

3. Hawaii of course! We went with Jason's family to the beautiful island of Kaui! It was amazing and we had SO much fun. We even got to ride these trikes through the sky...and I touched a cloud! Now I can scratch that of my list of life goals to achieve! I could write about it for hours!

2. Visiting old friends. These are well...not my roommates, but should have been...the girls that got me through college. They are great..and as you see all married :) I didn't get pics of my other friends that got me through nursing school but we got to see them too.

1. And finally...family! We love them..and we got to welcome the newest member..Cameron born on Dec. 27. We were even able to visit them. I didn't get pics of all of my family...again my sad picture taking...but it was definitely what we needed, too see them

This is Trent and Cecilie...new Mom and Dad. Cameron is below

Here is my family..part of them. I love you guys! Getting big!

And last but definitely not least..Jason's family. They are wonderful and we love them too! Thanks for Hawaii guys!

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Update coming soon on the last few weeks. Our computer is being slow and I don't have the patience tonight!