Friday, February 4, 2011

About the boy, mostly

Recently our lives have mostly consisted of school, school, a little bit of work, school, and Javen of course. We did attempt to go Lindy Hop dancing, ha, but too bad there aren't any pictures of that one! They would be comical I'm sure. It brought us back to our Logan country dancing days, which is pretty much what we ended up doing. Country dancing and trying to make it follow the beat of the music. But, back to why I originally started this post. This is mostly for family to see some updated pics of the boy, no longer baby, (sniffle) that runs our house. He just turned 18 months. I feel for some reason that is a big deal. Is that a big deal? Anyway, here they are:

We've actually gotten quite a bit of snow, for here. We taught him to throw snowballs which he thought was pretty cool.

He tried to pull his diaper off this night and gave up. Later we found him riding the truck and couldn't resist following him around with the camera!

He LOVES to brush his teeth, but only when Mom and Dad are and only with a toothbrush that looks exactly the same.

And he is extremely curious about everything, which I love about him. And he loves his books. Lets hope that one stays!

He is keeping me busier and busier that's for sure and it has been so fun. But on another note-pray for spring. I think I'm done with cold weather for now!