Monday, December 6, 2010

Live and Learn

Saturday we ran with about 12,000 people in the St. Jude marathon/half marathon event. We did the half, no full marathon for us! Somehow I talked Jason into doing it with me and he has been an absolutely awesome running partner. Training together was so fun and the race was definitely worth it. The thing with first experiences is you always learn a lot, like when you run past a water station slow down to drink it or else you will get more water up your nose than in your mouth. Yes, that happened to me. Or, if you have to use the bathroom before the race and think it's just from being nervous use it anyway or at mile 9 you will literally be running for the bathroom! We ended up finishing in 2:06:12 which overall we are happy with. We had been training to finish in right at about 2 hrs. so I can't complain too much. It was definitely a fun experience and hopefully I will be running more of these in the future!

Running down Beale St.:

(above photo from here)

We ended at the Autozone park-the baseball stadium downtown

Our medals:

And of course, no event in Memphis is complete without an Elvis or two:
(above photo from here)