Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Turkey Holiday

We headed to see the fam to start off the holidays. It was quite eventful in random ways:

-It was the first time the scale has gone up since being post-baby, but the food was worth it!
-Javen got to meet his great-great grandparents (which I don't have the pic) and it was great spending time with everyone.

-I learned to crochet darling little beanies. I know, I know, those of you who know me well are probably gawking but it is true. I never said I was good at it but, yes, I learned.

-I sewed a project that I'm actually pleased with (which I can't say what because it is a present)
-And made a dang good apple pie from scratch with Kelsie.

Of course this was all with help, but I did it nonetheless. Jason's response to all this in his exact words: "What did you do with my wife?!"

-And of course we took TONS of pics and I just have to post a few....
I think this just might be my favorite pic..ever (above)
poor Javen is being left behind, but it was fun hanging with these little cuties!