Tuesday, May 19, 2009

One of life's lessons

When you are almost 7 months prego most of the clothes in the women's section become off limits! ...here is my proof:

(about 26 weeks...I'm 28 weeks today and have definitely grown since here...more pics to come)

Believe it or not sometimes I forget I have this growing belly. While I was shopping with my sister I saw this cute jacket and it hit me when the third button that goes around my ribs...not even my stomach...would barely come together! I guess it's good self-discipline, maybe I will just stick to shopping for shoes until my feet swell!

Here's some funny...and not so funny changes I've been experiencing:

1. Little old ladies at the grocery store give me this cute little adoring smile....it took me a while to figure out why all of the sudden people were smiling at me. Now I at least don't feel so uncomfortable.
2. My stomach will randomly "pulse" outward when he decides to kick me and I'm sure I look like a crazy person because I start laughing to myself everytime even when I'm in public somewhere.
3. Some nights I wake up with horrifying leg cramps and I get angry Jason doesn't feel the pain so I make sure to make enough noise to wake him up so he will massage my calves for me....sorry Jason!

One more thing....we just got back from visiting family and I have to say thanks to them! We had such a good time and miss you guys!