Sunday, September 21, 2008


After we made up we managed to make a few friends and went down to Beale street. It was definitely not downtown SLC on a Friday night....we were followed by numerous bums yelling things at us we couldn't understand and I'm still feeling smoke circulating through my lungs. We did se some amazing blues bands and rode the trolley. It was pretty fun.

Homecoming and Beale Street

Homecoming gave us the opportunity to come to an end of all of our recent disagreements...round #1...Jason won
I figured out that Jason must have a lot of anger built up inside when he decided to whip around and smash me in the face...look at the joy on his face! (Jason really did feel bad, we even hugged after) round #2...needless to say, Jason won

After getting hit in the face I realized I probably wasn't going to, I decided if I was going to fall of, then I was making Jason fall of with me. round #3..... I like to think I won.


Jason's school has sort of a "white coat ceremony" which really felt like a pre-graduation. It was good, but you can see from the picture of the back of a man's head, the church we were in didn't allow for very many good pictures while they were walking in, I actually had an open spot to snap the picture, but he must have felt like standing just as I took it. Tom Sullivan spoke, and sang. He was born premature which caused him to go blind, but became and olympic wrestler, actor, singer/songwriter, and many other things. He sort of made us feel unproductive...but was inspiring none the less.

Moving in...finally most of you know we were here for about almost three weeks without our stuff and it all just arrived about two weeks ago. It was kind of nice without it and we are not looking forward to moving again..but we are very excited to have things like our garbage cans, a kitchen table (although the floor was nice) , and a vaccum!
Here is a funny story that happed to go along with it all...Jason was outside mowing the lawn like a good little house owner and the neighbor came to him and said " I almost called the cops the other night because I thought I saw two black boys sitting on your kitchen floor!" Jason laughed and said "No, that was just us eating dinner!" I'm sure the neighbors are wondering about us!