Tuesday, November 25, 2008

crazy campers

This last weekend some of us had a crazy idea to go camping...it's Tennessee, can't be too cold right? The little white specs on the sleeping bag are the ice crystals we woke up to in the morning! They were all over the tent! We didn't realize the humidity might actually cause ice...guess we weren't thinking...oops. We figured it got down to about 25 degrees...with humidity on top of it

In the morning I managed to stay warm with pajama pants on under my jeans, two jackets, a winter coat, gloves, and a beanie that never came off! Jason is a human heater, so he was fine. :) We still had fun, but maybe next year we will go earlier

Monday, November 10, 2008

Our "hike"

Okay..so after a few months of stalking everyone elses blogs..I think it's time I put something on my own! I was told by a few pessimistic Memphians the "during the fall the leaves just turn brown, die, and fall off!" I was so sad, but, the past couple of weekends we were determined to prove them wrong. We set out on a drive to go for what people around here call a "hike"

This was just possibly the most beautiful thing we saw all day... I had to throw it in!

If you look you can see some vine things hanging from the trees...we couldn't really figure out exactly what they were...(sorry about the order of these pics, I couldn't figure out how to re-arrange them..I have much to learn in the blogging world.)

At the end of the "hike"...or really just a nice walk with a few minor elevations here and there we found this...the Mississippi! There was sand right off of it, it was just like a beach..kind of crazy!

We were very excited when we figured out the vines were stable enought that we could swing on them! This is just one of the ones that we found.

Jason....trying to look manly

I was excited to see some red on the trees..with a little bit of yellow

All in all..not too bad. I can't say it's as pretty as Logan canyon, but definitely better than just turning brown, dying, and falling off.