Tuesday, November 25, 2008

crazy campers

This last weekend some of us had a crazy idea to go camping...it's Tennessee, can't be too cold right? The little white specs on the sleeping bag are the ice crystals we woke up to in the morning! They were all over the tent! We didn't realize the humidity might actually cause ice...guess we weren't thinking...oops. We figured it got down to about 25 degrees...with humidity on top of it

In the morning I managed to stay warm with pajama pants on under my jeans, two jackets, a winter coat, gloves, and a beanie that never came off! Jason is a human heater, so he was fine. :) We still had fun, but maybe next year we will go earlier


Cade and Kelsie said...

Sounds like an adventure! Glad you guys are having many of those in Tennesee and that you are updating your blog! I love it! Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving. We are getting SUPER excited to see you guys over christmas! Love ya

Mike and Shaurie Berlin said...

You guys are crazy. Looks like you had a great time.
Happy thanksgiving

Trent and Cecilie Kowallis said...


I hope that you guys had a great Thanksgiving. It sounds like you had fun camping and all of the other adventures that you are finding to do there. I would like to see some pictures of your house now that you have everyhting in it. WE MISS YOU GUYS and we hope that if you have time you will stop by to see us over the Christmas holiday. Love ya!

John and Rachel Erickson said...

I stole your picture to post on my blog too, they turned out good. I can't remember what your schedule is like but I want to know more about how thanksgiving went and the new job.

Megan said...

haha just like you to go camping in freezing weather. ha