Friday, March 4, 2011

We way overestimated ourselves

This week was Jason's spring break and since we didn't go anywhere we had a big list we were going to accomplish:
-celebrate Jason's birthday
-sand bathroom cabinets and stain
-tile bathroom floor - the flooring right now is carpet- isn't that gross??
-paint bathroom
-study (Jason has his first round of boards in two weeks
-take a hiking/camping trip

It looks do-able in a list right??

We did celebrate Jason's birthday. We did it well, with a lot of food of course. Fresh sub sandwiches all day because that is what he loves and some amazing, if I must say so myself, homemade cream cheese brownies and ice cream. Some great friends stopped by and brought balloons. No birthday is complete without balloons!

As you can see Jason turned 27. This is crazy to me because I met him when he was just 22. You are probably laughing at me..but it just feels crazy. I fell in love with him at 22, but each year it amazes me how much more I love that guy. He's pretty awesome.

We did accomplish a few other things on the list...we sanded the cabinets and that is about it. But, hey, the break isn't over yet so hopefully we can at least get them stained.

And most importantly there has been A LOT of studying. This is why everything else on the list was neglected. We can't wait until boards are over. But on a more positive note we can officially say Jason graduates NEXT year!! Not in two, three, or just in a few years. NEXT year. I am getting just a tiny bit excited!

One more thing we have been doing a lot of.....
(please try not to focus on the weeds...we are working on that)

This kid LOVES to swing, and it's even better with his rain boots on.