Sunday, January 17, 2010

Last week

was life changing. I've learned I hate the site of one thing on Javen. Boogers. He got sick last week and had LOTS of them. I was going CRAZY wiping this kids nose all week. (I even suctioned it so much that it bled! Only a tiny tiny bit I promise, but I still felt really really really bad and vowed to never do that again.) This picture is the only one I got of the bubble and doesn't do him justice on the massive ones he was producing. We did manage to make it through however and he is getting better. No more booger bubbles.

And then, another thing happened. He started to army crawl! My times of laying him down and knowing he will stay there are about to be over. Okay, for now he really can't go that far but I know I don't have too long before the messess and injuries begin!

His idea of actually crawling right now is this, and he pushes himself backwards. It's so fun to watch. Probably because he's my child, but he really does amaze me and I'm in awe of how it's possible to love such a little person so much. On a side note: he'll be six months on the 30th. WOW.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

December Highlights

I contemplated not even doing this post because it would be so long. But, I'm going to do it anyway. I'm just highlighting a few moments...okay...a lot of moments. Sorry for the length and randomness. We were spoiled again this year and got to go see family in Utah. It was so great to see everyone. Love you guys!

Watching Javen disover himself in an ornament.

Don't worry, the hill was small.

I forgot how much fun snow is. Sad.

The real highlight of skiing was that niether I OR Jason fell the entire time, with the exception of Jason just kind of squatting down one part of the run. (I'd like for you to think that I am better than Jason at skiing and didn't have to squat like he did, but that's not true. He went down harder runs. But you can still think that if you'd like!)

Watching Javen and Zakary play, kind of. I can't wait until they really can play together!

Being in the same state as her when she got engaged! Just made me feel better :)

Watching Javen tear the paper off of presents.

I have missed the temple square lights! It was FREEZING cold and we really were only outside for about 5 min. max but it was still incredible.
Just a few more things to highlight: The FOOD!! Cafe Rio, Neilsens, Leatherby's...I've missed them! Also, I sunk in and got some skinny pants...and I love them.

Monday, January 4, 2010

So Excited

For this girl!

She is going to marry him:
(pics taken from Catie's blog )