Thursday, September 24, 2009

the stress is gone least the kitchen stress anyway! Here are the green cabinets! I can't take any credit for painting the walls. Our amazing ward friends came over and painted them for us! I guess that's southern hospitality. What do you think?

I had to put this in. This is the old kitchen with old wood cabinets, ugly green walls, and a horrificly (my own word) dirty old floor! had black lining the walls and under the cabinets. Somehow the middle of the floor only managed to get cleaned. It had to go too.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Pinnacle Mountain

We were feeling a little mountain deprived so we decided to find a place to hike. We ended up in Arkansas and it was beautiful :)

We tried to make sure Javen stayed covered but he really didn't like his hat all that much...I don't blame him!

It was so nice to go hiking again, although I really thought I was going to pass out after two miles! Sad.

Family...Part 3

Last weekend my Step-mom Colette and step-sister Kristina (yes, we have the same name) were able to come out. We blessed Javen that Sunday and Jason did a great job! We had such a good time and Kristina is an amazing cook, I should have taken pictures of the food! Thanks so much for the help and we love you guys.
Jason also went back to school while they were here..yay..onto the second year! We thought Javen might like to try out what Dad does all day!