Sunday, February 22, 2009

It Has Happened!

The dreaded. The painful to the ears. The southerness!

Last night we were leaving a hockey game with some friends, and to my horror I hear out of Jason's mouth:

"Well, see YA'LL later"

Ahh! My mouth dropped. Jason's converting to the Southern ways…

(just a hilarious Southern picture…don't worry…Jason isn't planning
on looking like this too!)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


So...I need some opinions, or words of advice. It's about school..bleh. I am trying to figure out ways to finish my RN and through a lot of research I've come down to two of what I think are my best options..(I am not really too excited about either of them)
1. Wait until we go back to Utah and finish...will be MUCH cheaper but I will have to re-take an exam to apply..and we all know how fast we forget what we learned in school! there's a possibility of one or two little Kowallis' running around by that time..
2. Online! much more almost triple the cost! Could be done in less than a year, RN?
Anyway..if anyone has any help to offer that would be great!