Wednesday, February 11, 2009


So...I need some opinions, or words of advice. It's about school..bleh. I am trying to figure out ways to finish my RN and through a lot of research I've come down to two of what I think are my best options..(I am not really too excited about either of them)
1. Wait until we go back to Utah and finish...will be MUCH cheaper but I will have to re-take an exam to apply..and we all know how fast we forget what we learned in school! there's a possibility of one or two little Kowallis' running around by that time..
2. Online! much more almost triple the cost! Could be done in less than a year, RN?
Anyway..if anyone has any help to offer that would be great!


John and Rachel Erickson said...

Umm, hard decision. When I see online I cringe, but if you wait, you might never get it done. Do you plan on actually using it while you have a young family? If not, wait. Save the money.

Cherie said...

This is going to be a very hard decision to make. Online requires a lot of personal devotion to make sure that you get it done. However, I did the wait thing. I thought that I would wait until I could go to class locally rather than commute or do it online. However, life changed, plans changed. I didn't end up in the location I thought I would be in (not that you won't) but now that I have kids I can't imagine going back until they are in school.

I probably wouldn't be using my degree anyway right now with me staying home to take care of my kids, but I do wish I had my masters that I started and didn't finish.

I would really think about what you want, and if you will regret not getting it later. Besides, sometimes it is easier to be in school at the same time as your husband. You can study at the same times, and one is not always wanting to go do something.

That is my advice, but yes you do have to consider your finances and the cost.

Good Luck!

Cade and Kelsie said...

Unless you are really wanting the difference in money, I think I would wait because that's a lot of extra money right now and I think online is always harder. It has to be all you and you have to do all the work and all the pushing you. that's my two cents...good luck!

Cade and Kelsie said...

ps...I also think you should pray about it. See which will be better for you and Jason in the long run...we love you guys!

Todd Family said...

This wasn't one of your options, but have you thought about maybe a community college where you are at? Community colleges aren't as much as universities and some times they are cheaper than online. From what I have been told, at least down here in Cali, the community colleges are better then the universities. Just a thought...I thought about the same thing, but then I realized that if I wait too long, it probably won't get done.

Shelly & Brandon said...

Hey girl! My advice would be to get it done, because if you don't do it now you may never get to it and you will regret it! I kind of had a similar dilemma with either choosing to move up to Ogden and go to Weber but my husband would have to take a break from school and tonz of other things...or go to Provo College and like you said pay WAY more money! And I stressed about it too! But in the end it will be worth it, you will get a good job as an RN and start making money quick! I work with a nurse in your exact situation and she did hers online and said it wasn't too bad. Because in all reality you learn the important stuff that really sticks in clinicals, and you will still have clinicals if you do it online. If you want I can get the online course she went through. Go get it done, you will be an awesome nurse!