Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Sister Came

(Like 3 weeks ago)

Let me just start by saying this- I feel very fortunate that Jason and I have had the opportunity to live away from home and see new places. We have loved it and have had so much fun. But, it is hard to miss out on fun things like birthdays, new babies, and currently wedding planning. Lucky me though, my engaged sister was nice enough to come to Memphis and do some wedding shopping..and more shopping. We did do other things though.

We went to Memphis is May; or in other words the world famous BBQ festival and saw people like this:

And we saw shirtless, sweating, potbellied men shoving in pounds of BBQ pork in the 90 degree sun. mmmm. I was going to get a picture but thought that might be a little awkward as I stood two feet in front of them pointing the camera.

Here we are admiring all of the coveted pig awards:
We also went to a baseball game. And here is the best pic I took:

And of course, we had to see Elvis and pose like him:

( I know we look alike so to clear the confusion this is Catie)
Thank you for coming, and making me feel a small part of the wedding planning until July!


todd and erin said...

Wow. Look at that cute smile. I love it!

Whitney said...

so fun to have fam. come visit!

Tyler and Jill said...

Fun! I still have never gone to bbq fest, but with the pot-bellied guys shoving in pork image you gave me...maybe it's better I didn't go! HAHA! You and your sister do look very similar.