Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I kept meaning to post earlier than this, but it just wasn't happening. So here I am finally, posting about some randomness that we have been up to lately.

Jason has been finishing up his 2nd year and will be moving onto his 3rd year in the middle of May! Wahoo!! He has survived learning IM injections, IV's and injections in THE EYE! Keep in mind they had to practice all of this on each other, that's why I say he survived. I have been trying to survive the outdoors. If I touch anything outside I end up feeling like this:

(taken from here)

Did you know you can actually SEE pollen?? Enough to make a black car look like it's a dark shade of green! But onto something more fun, Javen is as busy as ever and making us laugh every day. We found out he is very ticklish and is loving to see how much he can splash water during his baths. And because most of my posts include him and I think he is a cutie here is a recent photo:

Oh, and one more very important thing has happened. Thanks to a good friend I found out this store just opened up within 20 min. of my house! Yay!

(taken from here)


Tyler and Jill said...

Sounds like we need to go shopping again!!! Especially when I'm back to my normal size. Javen is a cutie. Injections in the eye...that just sounds scary!

The Larsens said...

Oh how I miss you Christina! It is always good to see a new blog post from you! and as always Javen is adorable!

Cara said...

I LOVE Anthropologie. As soon as Kash is done and we have some money I will be shopping there!

It is crazy about the pollen - luckily I don't have allergies, but Kash does and has been miserable!

todd and erin said...

I am just writing to happy late birthday! I'm sorry I missed it. Hope everything is going well!