Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I don't usually post stories, but this story has come up quite a bit recently and I feel the need to let everyone know that there is hope for me.

When I went to college my cooking skills were VERY limited. Okay, they were pretty much non-existent if 95% of the meal didn't come from a box/can/frozen bag that only required warming. With time thanks to friend/roommate meals I did learn a few things. I felt like I could cook a meal, or at least help cook a meal that didn't involve a box/can/frozen bag.

Then I met Jason.

I realized I was in trouble, or should I say he realized he was in trouble when we had probably only been married a few weeks or so (just long enough to have gotten back from our honeymoon, unpacked, and ready and excited to use our very own kitchen that spanned an entire 7 ft.) and he wanted to make a white sauce for something..I don't remember what. This is how I remember it going:

Me: What's a white sauce??
Jason: What??!! Uh, oh.

Anyway, you get the idea. I realized he obviously had MUCH more experience than I when it came to the kitchen. This motivated me to impress him and learn a few things. A few months later I had a brilliant idea for dinner. Clam chowder. It was cold outside and something warm sounded perfect. (You need to know that for our wedding we got these silver canisters of all different heights that you put flour, sugar, brown sugar, etc... in) While I was making it I couldn't get it to thicken up well after I had already put in the flour so I proceeded to add more flour, but nothing was working. Jason came home and we ate it anyway.

Poor guy.

I told him I couldn't get it to thicken and added a lot more flour. We started to eat and noticed it seemed a little sweet. Sweet clam chowder. Eeew. We were both choking it down when I realized I had grabbed the powdered sugar canister instead of the flour canister. Yes, we ate clam chowder sweetened with powdered sugar. We both spit it out and hadn't even attempted it again until yesterday.

I want you all to know it went well, and I did manage to use flour this time.

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I would like to think that I'm not the only one who had/still has a lot to learn about cooking/sewing and homemaking in general when I got married. What are some of your funny stories from when you were newly married and completely messed something up?


todd and erin said...

I don't believe you are a bad cook. Remember when we made those great taco salads? Or German pancakes? We were the best cooks in college.

Catie Jane said...

um I think Daryn's birthday cake fiasco was my worst kitchen moment. It was then that I learned why the cake needs to cool before adding the frosting. At least it was a learning experience :)

Caitlin said...

well first, I brought home "iceberg lettuce" when we were first married and Robbie was the one to convince me that it was, in fact, cabbage.

Second, I called my sister-in-law about a recipe she gave me. I couldn't figure it out so I finally asked, "what is a coil?"... she said.. "um... well... maybe it's one c. oil?"

So let's just say you and I shouldn't start our own restaurant :) I'm glad you are learning more though, I have yet to embark on that journey.

Haylee said...

I confused "confectioners sugar" with "granulated sugar" and couldn't figure out why my frosting was so grainy and not turning into frosting after 45 minutes of beating on high.... so your right, your not the only one out there. haha

Tyler and Megan said...

First of all - anyone who can make that chocolately pie thing you make gets an A+ in the kitchen department. You should try making Cait's pizza bread. That is a sure fire hit. :) I shudder a bit to think about what we ate in college. haha Remember my corn and ranch on tortillas? haha So bad. One time Tyler tried to make cookies with me but used salt instead of sugar. Of course I didnt see that until we took our first bite. That was fun. The first meal I cooked as a married person was enchiladas. It ended up all over the walls, I used the wrong spices and broke my brand new food processor. :) I hate making enchiladas now.

Cade and Kelsie said...

I seriously love that story! Makes me are continually making leaps and bounds look at you go!

Andrea said...

I think those things happen to everyone! I remember making french toast and sprinkling it with corn is surprisingly similar in texture to powdered sugar.
Then there was the waffle fiasco of '06. Shudder. I cried. Poor Bryan. I still haven't attempted waffles again. Perhaps I should learn from your courage and give it a try. :)