Friday, July 24, 2009

How to stress out your husband....

-Start off by being about 37 weeks pregnant for the first time. This really seems to be a good stress inducer, especially if the doctor tells you the baby could come any day.
-Then, instead of cleaning and getting ready for the baby and family to come like most do, tear apart and re-do and crucial part of your house. I have chosen the kitchen!

(Jason took this because he said he needed proof of how crazy I am going....and it's too hot outside and in the garage,
forcing our living room to become our work area!)

(We've painted the cabinets green...don't worry the wall color and trim are changing too)

-This all works really well if like mine, your husband wakes up at 5:30 to go to work, so when he comes home he is exhausted, but see's the giant mess you've created and decides he needs to help out of fear it won't get done. After all of this, I have warned Jason he may need to think really hard when he wants a second one...who knows what project I may pick up next time!

I do have to admit, Jason has been VERY patient with me and helped out a lot...(he's probably done more on it than I have!)
I'll post some before and afters when it done!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A little sneak peak....

We have been SO curious to see what this little guy is going to look like and today we got a little preview...but not quite what we were expecting. Long story short we were only able to get good pics of his legs, feet, butt, ....and other parts in that area. We are confident he is a boy!

His thighs are huge! These will definitely come from Jason, but....

long skinny feet?? (like me) We're still not sure what we are
going to get and definitely still guessing!


We were feeling a little overwhelmed with the fact that we are soon going to be responsible for a child. So, we did what any poor, married college students about to have a baby would do...we took a vacation....

Atlanta we discovered is an awesome city. We saw so much, but I'm just posting a few of the things we did and saw

This is from the Bontanical Gardens...which was incredible! (I risked my life taking a picture of this giant bumble I hope you enjoy it!)
I know you have all been waiting for this one....I feel huge! 34!

The next few are of the Coca-cola factory. I never realized a soft-drink could be advertised as something so life need to go to see what I mean.
So, I just realized yes, the coke bear has his "paw" on my butt!
This is my favorite! They had tons of fountains from different flavors of Coke all over the world and even after trying a ton of them I still hate Coke! This was Jason after some strange tropical mango Coke mix...bleh.
One of our other favorites was the Aquarium. It is the largest in the world and was really pretty amazing.

Jason loved the
Beluga whale

The Jelly fish! One of my biggest fears....but they are amazing to look at when you are separated by THICK THICK glass.

Look at the giant Manta-ray behind us!

This is a horrible washed out picture...but we were in a hurry. The steeple coming out of our heads is the Atlanta temple. It was beautiful.