Sunday, August 31, 2008

Walking in Memphis!

We have officially moved far, far away from home after a long 25 hour drive! Jason drug me along with him so he can go to optometry school at Southern College of Optometry. We are excited to be here, but it is very different and I have a personal goal to leave in four years without ever saying ya'll...I'm going to try really hard. So far we have encountered many things like a little river in our back yard from the buckets of rain fall and of course the adventures of Beale street..during the day of course. We are getting used to life here and the humidity. I've realized I will be doing a lot more laundary after having to shower and change twice yesterday! Jason officialy starts school tomorrow and I will go back to job searching...bleh!


Tyler and Megan Scott said...

Your house looks awesome! You must post more and more. Was that picture in your back yard with all the rain? I wish I could come see it. I am excited to hear more about your adventures. Come visit our

miss you. call you after nine or on weekends. haha I feel like we are at USU all over again. : )

erin and todd said...

You have a blog! Now I think you should update it regularly. I need to know about your life! I hope you guys are doing well. Check out our blog

Love and miss you!